New Account Fraud

Can You Accurately Confirm New Account Creation?

New account fraud is the opening of an account with the sole purpose of committing fraud. Fraudsters create new accounts using personal identifiable information, often available on illegal black market forums. Because of the large data breaches experienced in the past few years, and the sheer volume of data available for sale, new account fraud poses a growing risk to organizations allowing electronic enrollment. Often new accounts opened by fraudsters are not used immediately, but saved for future use to bypass traditional fraud prevention rules.


How we can help you weed out new account fraud:

Protect your company from new account fraud by implementing solutions designed to search for suspicious patterns.


Receive alerts when new account behavior follows known patterns

Enable suspicious activity analyzers and rules, built on known fraud patterns, to monitor all new account activity and receive alerts for possible fraud.


Behavioral analytics to monitor customer interactions

Identify when customer account behavior deviates from normal activity and receive immediate alerts about possible fraud. All alerts can be administered from a built-in case management system with custom reports.


Tailored algorithms to look for new account fraud

Our team of data scientists are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to find and classify fraudulent activity associated with new accounts. All new analyzers are automatically updated in your account. When a new fraud pattern is identified our algorithms are updated, so your organization can maintain pace with cutting-edge fraudsters.

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