Account Takeover Fraud Protection

Are Your Customer Accounts Protected?

Account takeover occurs when a fraudster is able to obtain personal information and gain unauthorized access to a customer account. This can occur for any type of online account, including financial, email, social media or online retail accounts. Often phishing and malware are used to steal this information.


How we can help stop account takeover fraud:

One comprehensive platform to protect your customers from account takeover and electronic fraud.


Mitigate and disrupt cybercrime operations

Our team of cybercrime experts constantly search for and take down threats targeting your customers in our state-of-the-art security operations center (SOC). Our deactivation team boasts a phishing site takedown time of 3.6 hours – the fastest in the industry.


Bind each device to a specific user and gain visibility

Uniquely identify computers and mobile devices with a device fingerprint whenever online transactions are performed, and launch additional authentication factors such as push notifications to verify activity on unrecognized devices.


Behavioral analytics to monitor customer interactions and identify suspicious activity

Identify when customer account behavior deviates from normal activity and receive immediate alerts about possible fraud. All alerts can be administered from a built-in case management system with custom reports.

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