DSB Mobile Sdk

Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK

Stop fraud by identifying risky and compromised devices using your application.

Find mobile devices at risk before fraud can occur. The Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK collects a wide range of device analytics to accurately measure risk exposure and integrate an extra fortified layer of self-protection into your native apps.

Obstruct Mobile Attack Vectors

Shield apps from man-in-the-app, overlay and malware attacks, protecting the mobile channel no matter how threats evolve.

Robust Application Validation

Prevent cybercriminal impersonation of your apps and strengthen them against tampering, exploits and repackaging.

Instant Mobile Threat Alerts

Receive immediate alerts on potential compromise events and gain the ability to respond in real time with app shutdowns on insecure devices.

Protect Mobile Banking and E-Commerce Apps from Fraud

Get visibility into how your customers are protecting themselves, their device health, and the threats your business faces. The Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK is a security library that can be directly inserted into the code of your native financial services app.

Clearly Identify Risky Devices Using Analytics

Make sure your applications are running in secure environments. The Detect Safe Browsing SDK heightens the security around certificate authority to block man-in-the-middle attacks and collect analytics about hundreds of device attributes to determine risk levels. Identify jailbroken and rooted devices, debuggers, emulators and much more.

Ensure Transactions Are Performed on Secure Devices

Legacy fraud prevention solutions attempt to eliminate specific types of malware off customer devices, but are often unable to detect the previously - unseen threats that cause the most damage and losses. The Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK takes a different approach, using a variety of risk factors to measure device compromise and make sure that risky devices don’t affect the security of your application.

Device Risk Assessment with Multi-Factor Authentication

Use the risk policy checks that the Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK generates to trigger risk-based access or out-of-band authentication for transactions performed on insecure devices.

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